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Meet Molly

I live with my husband, three kids (when the third is home from college), and a menagerie of animals in the woods and fields of Central Maine.

I wear several hats... Wife, homeschool mom, daughter to aging parents, spiritual director, coach, ministry leader, writer, small group leader, speaker, and Chairman of the Board for New England Bible College and Seminary.


God designed me with a whole lot of energy and passion. I love to serve in different capacities in my home, church, and community.  With that energy comes a tendency to overextend and do things in my own strength.  Burnout and church conflict led me to discover a deep need for soul care and spiritual companionship. 


It is now my greatest joy to journey with others to offer support and encouragement as they seek to wholeheartedly follow our Good Shepherd. 

You can reach me here:  You'll also get a good sense of who I am on my YouTube channel. 


I look forward to getting to know you better!  

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