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Growing Your Life in Christ

A Study of Titus 2 for Young Women

Growing Your Life in Christ is a devotional Bible study of Titus 2 for young women. Written to encourage young women to search the Scriptures themselves, the foundation of the study is a daily quiet time with Scripture reading and journaling. Each chapter examines a specific area that older women are to teach younger women from Titus 2:3-5: 

To be sober, love your husband, love your children, be discreet, pure, busy at home, good and submissive to your own husband. 

Each topic is examined from the perspective of what God's will is in a young women's life and what it looks like to develop and practice godliness now. For example, what is Biblical love? What does submission mean? How does God's desire for Biblical submission in marriage impact the sort of man you will be praying for as a future husband? Many topics are immensely practical such as "Busy at Home": how does a young woman develop and practice skills now that will benefit not only her future life but also her family today? 

The study focuses on growth in Christ from the practical analogy of planting a garden: what seed is sown, and how diligent is the keeping, the watering, and the weeding. It is the author's aim and prayerful hope that young women will be strengthened and watered in the Word of God both through the study and then through their lives as they learn the practice of a daily quiet time with the Lord.

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