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A Year End Reflection: Recounting God's Faithfulness

Another year has come and gone! Through all the joys and sorrows, Jesus, the Good Shepherd, has been walking the path with you.

God has been there working even when you have not seen him working. Through the grace of Jesus, you have been changed in ways that you have noticed and in ways that you haven’t.

The change of our calendar year provides an invitation to recount the events of the year — to look for how Jesus has been with us in the journey.

But we tend to be forgetful. We forget just how far God has brought us and provided for our needs.

My faith is enlarged every time I am able to see how the Lord has intervened, prepared, answered and provided in ways both small and large — many of which I have been unaware of until I took the time to reflect.

Are you ready to reflect? Here’s an invitation….

Set aside a quiet time in your schedule

This can be as small or large as you’d like. You can schedule a day or weekend away to have time for reflection alone or with your spouse. Or you can simply use an hour or two of quiet time in your own home!

Invite Jesus to meet with you

Ask Jesus to bring to mind what he would like you to focus on in your time together. It is easy to bring our own agendas, but always best when we can submit them to his lordship.

Review your year with Jesus

If you keep a personal or prayer journal, now is a great time to read through it. This is such a helpful practice and opportunity to see God’s faithfulness!

If you do not have a journal, consider paging month by month through your calendar or date book, inviting Jesus to reveal times to remember and reflect upon.

Write a one-page summary recounting God’s faithfulness

Keeping a page like this allows you to see in brief what your journey has looked like over the past year.

Your reflection can be longer or shorter, but one page is manageable and is easy to review in the future.

I have made a reflection page to share with you! You can simply print it out and begin,

Year End Reflection_Every Day Light
Download PDF • 45KB

I hope you’re able to re-experience the love, mercy, goodness, and grace that Jesus has poured into your life this year!

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Deborah LaBonte Skepple
Deborah LaBonte Skepple
Jan 08, 2022

Love it. Thank you🥰


Jan 08, 2022

Thank you Molly. We should pray to have such disciplines as you. You provided wonderful suggestions on how to begin.

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