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Scripture Journaling: My Favorite Quiet Time Method

Of all the spiritual disciplines I have practiced, the daily reading of Scripture paired with journaling is the one that has produced the most fruit in my spiritual life— and I would not consider myself a journaler! I have never been good at keeping a daily record of my life. As much as I have wanted to record the events of my days at times, it has not been a habit I have been able to consistently keep.

But Scripture Journaling is different for me. Especially using this method that was taught to me by Margie Harryman. It is practical, balanced, and doable. There is a balance of hearing from Jesus and responding to him. It feels more like a joy than a burden... more of an invitation to contemplation than a legalistic requirement!

And the fruit! What joy to go back and see how God has guided in his Word and prepared your heart for something you would not have envisioned facing. How he answered prayer! How he led you to a Scripture for someone else you would have a divine appointment with! How he comforts and encourages as you come to him with your honest emotions! This is why I return again and again to this method.

This video outlines the method and talks you through it step-by-step:

I go pretty fast! So I also wanted to give you a free printable of this method so that you can have it with you as a guide as you practice:

Scripture Journaling_ My Favorite Method
Download PDF • 219KB

As with any spiritual discipline, hold this lightly and practice. Be gentle with yourself. If you miss a day, simply begin again wherever you left off. Jesus meets you right where you are.

Let me know what you think! Ask questions if anything is unclear! Be blessed, my friends!

You are loved.

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